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Berliner Brandstifter Vodka

Jan Persiel

Vodka time! Lets take a look at the next bottle in our bar.⁣

Berliner Brandstifter vodka comes from Berlin and is made from French sugar beets. In addition to that some local blossoms and botanicals are being cultivated and harvested in Berlin on their own dedicated field.⁣

7 times filtering and 5 times distillation plus a several week long resting period in stainless steel containers of 700 litres are what the vodka experiences before it gets bottled and shipped to you.⁣

At 43.3 % ABV the vodka is stronger than some other brands ship their's and we get a 0.7 litre bottle.⁣

A native Berliner, Vincent Honrodt is carrying forth his family’s legacy in the spirits industry with this brand. In the early 1900s his great grandfather began distilling spirits for family and friends from local grains and sugar cane. Those were well perceived when something got celebrated. With the wish to find spirits like his great grandfather's he set out to discover those. After an unsuccessful quest he started distilling things himself. That's how it all started.⁣

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