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Enso Japanese Whisky

Jan Persiel

One of the bottles we will be using at liquorlabs.tv is the Enso Japanese Whisky. It is a blended Whisky, meaning different distillates are being mixed into a final product. This is not

Transparency declaration

[Ad/Werbung] This product was kindly provided by conalco.de for free without any further obligations. When using free sample products these are always declared as such. One of the core rules for liquorlabs.tv to accept free products is that there are no implications bound to these. A free opinion and trustworthy is more important than getting a free product. Producers and marketeers not accepting these terms will never be accepted as part of the program. Paid for placements will always be declared as such as well. However even those arrangements will have to follow the basic principle of not limiting the expression of a free opinion. Sincerity is a core value here at liquorlabs.tv. If you have any questions about this please feel free to get in touch!

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