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Jan Persiel

Hi there, I am pleased to meet you, welcome to the liquor lab! This website, or rather endeavour, is a test. For a few years now, I have documented my journey through the world of gin and tonic over at gingingin.de and on Instagram as @ginginginde. But with more knowledge in this area I naturally learned to understand more about spirits in general and all of a sudden the world of cocktails did not feel so remote anymore. You start mixing a gin sour, a gimlet, a Negroni, and all of a sudden you buy a few more bottles and realise that you have left planet gin with one foot already.

Hepple Gin
Hepple Gin: A juniper-forward gin, something I love, something to build upon.

A lab to learn about cocktails, mixology and spirits

When I started GinGinGin it was really because I felt like documenting my journey. People started to read, we got into discussions, learned from each other, became friends, learned more. That was great. However GinGinGin is extremely niche now, very detailed, deep down the rabbit hole so to say.

Simple, bite-sized cocktail recipes and spirits know-how

Liquorlabs.tv is supposed to be different. How? Well I want to limit myself to short and consumable formats, something you could enjoy and use. Things one can easily reproduce at home, learn a bit for the next visit at your local bar, a light and easy concept. Think of it as a sandwich, rather than a good seated dinner. Something you enjoy, but it will only serve you for a while. If you like what you saw, you are more than welcome to come back for the next sandwich. And I hope you come back often as there is so much to discover.

Expert at being interested, eager to learn about spirits

I am anything but an expert in other spirits but gin, and even as a gin fan I have still so much to learn and understand. So you might say I am a regular consumer to some extent. When I start this journey with you in the liquor labs it will be something for me to learn and pass on, to discuss and improve all the time. Please let me know what you would improve and what you know that I might have missed, misunderstood, mis-mixed.

Why a lab?

Why a lab? Because I am not the proud owner of a bar. But I like to analyse things. And maybe, just maybe it takes away the scary I-can-never-do-it look and feel when we take the cocktails and drinks out of their natural, sometimes intimidating, habitat and just do things.

Where can I see the liquor labs adventures?

It is a pain: Platforms do make it hard for content producers. None is really good, they all behave in random fashion to some extent. So I would love to serve you just here. But nobody would find this page for a long time I guess.

Enjoy cocktail and spirits knowledge everywhere

My plan is to be on all major platforms for you to get my videos. But that is a lot of work for a little side-hustle. So for the time being these accounts have been set up as launch channels:

While these channels above will be the start I am planning to have things on other platforms as well as soon as I have begun to actually get stuff moving properly. But feel free to subscribe already to stay informed.

Anything you would love to see?

As someone who has produced content, videos, photos, and books about gin, I have a clear idea about what I would love to bring to LiquorLabs.tv. But I am so happy to hear from you what interests you. Please get in touch on one of the platforms.

Producer of a spirit or cocktail gear?

Should you be someone you just stumbled about this page and you like what you have read so far, please feel free to get in touch for any type of collaboration. This is a hobby and I am putting time, money and love into this. Should you be happy to add some help in the form of ingredients or any other support into the mix, please get in touch as well. It will make things easier and enable me to produce more content.

Thanks again for stopping by and please check out the channels. Bell, Likes, Subcription, Follow, you know the game, it is a small click for you, but a giant motivation for me to create better and more often.



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