Spirituosenmanufaktur Beelitz

Albrecht Gin

Rich flavour

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  • Germany
  • 43.5 % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Juniper Apples Rosemary
  • Fruity and earthy

The name Albrecht goes back to the founder of the Mark Brandenburg, Albrecht the bear as he was called which the label's bear paw print pays tribute to as well. The gin originates in Beelitz, also called the asparagus city, in the heart of the federal state Brandenburg which surrounds Berlin. The name was chosen to reflect the bond to the region, the local heritage and the proximity to the ingredients producers.

The Albrecht gin's recipe has been developed over a time period of 18 months and it is being distilled in London Dry gin style. After the distillation the gin is left to rest for four weeks and finally bottled. In addition to paying a lot of attention to getting ingredients as fresh as possible the makers are using all organic ingredients and are allowed to carry the organic/eco label which certifies this as well. Not too many gins carry such a label as a matter of fact. I am not even sure whether I would find another bottle on the GinGinGin shelf at all.


The Albrecht gin uses 15 botanicals in total. Among these are:

  • juniper

  • apples

  • rosemary



When you pour the gin into a tasting glass and smell it there is a deep scent. It is not really earthy but a fruity one. I am not sure whether it is the apples, it has a bit of plums, but is not as light as pears. At the same time it is a bit fresh, an experience I have not had in a gin before. It really tackles my taste experience. However, juniper is faintly in there as well. All together it is smooth and pleasant.


Now when you taste the gin the juniper becomes visible, err tastable, it mingles with the fruity aromas which one could smell already and has a herbal note as well. Rich and warm. a bit peppery after a moment, but only a bit, like a hint of ginger, maybe just the juniper.


Spicy and turning into a warm and slightly sweet sensation this gin manages to keep the fruit alive all the way from start to finish. The aftertaste in general is medium long and carries on as a hint of earthyness at the end.

On ice

Amazing how resistant this gin is to change. Ice does barely make a difference. The spice is toned down a bit but the basic earthy fruit notes and the rosemary are very similar to the neat tasting.

Perfect serve

This needs to be investigated further as usual but with a classic tonic the juniper gets pushed back a bit further. I would not go as far as calling this a New Western style gin, but the fruit is definitely a major worker in the taste profile here. A light tonic might make this one get even more kick. With the tonic I am getting more and more to the point to think that the rosemary is responsible for some of the earthyness.

Summary and GinGinGin rating

The Albrecht gin is a solid product. The fact how much the makers have paid attention to ensure a high level of quality and organic ingredients is great to see and should be seen in more spirits. It is not so easy to create an organic product, but as a consumer you get a proper level of control. That is a very nice thing to know when enjoying a spirit.

I find the taste of the Albrecht gin to be quite unique and I am sure it caters to many, especially in cocktails this could really make it a good product to work with. However, personally I am not adding this gin to my top 5 list. But I would choose it over so many gins I have tried before. When I served it to others to test they liked it for it's rich taste. I will come back to this gin for sure in cocktails and combinations with tonics to discover more facets of it. A few gins grew on me after a while, this could be one of them. Having adjusted scores later on I might come back, for now I say:

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