Original Gin

sweet and cpicy

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  • United Kingdom
  • 40 % ABV
  • 200 ml
  • Juniper Lemon peel Coriander seeds Elderflower Angelica root Orris root
  • tingling citrus notes

The Darnley's Gin(s) are produced on the East coast of Scotland in Kingbarns. There is a range of gins they produce but this reviews the Darnley's Original Gin, their standard, classical gin one might say.

The distillery creates the gin in a 300 litre still and uses a four-times distilled British-grown grain spirit as the base alcohol. The gin is then produced, as the label tells you quite prominently, as a London Dry Gin

Botanicals of the Darnley's Original Gin

  • Juniper

  • Lemon Peel

  • Coriander Seed

  • Elderflower

  • Angelica Root

  • Orris Root

Tasting the Darnley's Original Gin


At first I was expecting a super charge of citrus from what it read on the label, packaging and the website. But not only did I get citrus notes, but an earthy touch as well. The spice of the juniper came after a moment and so did a hint of almond.


Tasting though, juniper kicked things off. A spice growing on you and then moving on to citrus flavour. I was not too sure how to classify it, not as sweet as oranges, but not as light as lemons. But that did not really matter, it is citrussy.

The Darnley's Original Gin has some sweet touch as well, like a faint vanilla aroma, paired with cinnamon and it's spice as well. In general a gin that really felt dry and not very fruitful.

Finish and aftertaste

The aftertaste and finish are dry and with a medium long presence. You even get a slight chiliesque spice with it.

Summary and GinGinGin rating

Concerning the complexity I have had gins which were a lot less interesting, duller and with a lot less interesting depth. But there are more complex ones as well. If you are in the market for a gin that is crisp and brings some earthy notes at the same time as it is citrussy, this one is worth a try.

I can imagine this gin in many cocktails and in a Dry Martini it might be a killer as well since it has this earthy touch to it.

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