Gaugin Classic Gin

From Spain with love

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This gin has been reviewed by many so far, including Gin Ur Way, who gave it a rating of 95/100. This rating was matched by many on Instagram and the gin was described as discovery of the year 2018 by some. Well, that is a bunch of laurels you have to get out of your mind before approaching a gin. Let's see whether I am as convinced as the others.


This "Classic" gin is the third gin from Gaugin as far as I could research it. You can read more about the first ones on their website. This one is dedicated to the village Gaucín in Spain, Andalusia to be precise. The creator, Paul, has a finca which brings oranges, lemons, as well as many herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme, and sage to the table and inspired this gin. The long sun hours of the region make the fruit ripen longer and apparently the higher sugar levels in the fruit make for a better quality alcohol. Judging from the photos on their website the place looks like a little garden Eden.

The Gin comes in a 0,5 litre bottle and has 46 % ABV. The product is a London Dry Gin and with the Classic in it's name it makes sure it takes to the core of gin, the juniper.


The gin uses the botanicals it got inspired by:

  • juniper

  • oranges

  • lemons

  • grapefruits

  • wild thyme

  • wild sage

  • lavender

  • rosemary



The gin greets you with a fresh and piney nose. The alcohol is not too present despite the stronger 46% ABV and carries the aromas well. Citrus surrounds the juniper touch as well. I get a feeling of sweetnes as well.


Tasty. The gin is fresh and piney, a bit sweet, but brings citrus with it right away. The freshness stays quite long and gives way to the peppery, warmer, and piney juniper after a moment. But it never disappears completely. A hint of the rosemary is present as well.


The aftertaste is medium long, maybe even a tad bit shorter than I would have expected. But it does not tilt into a flat sweetness but stays peppery and kicking, warm and earthy as well. Not sharp or harsh but just spicy.

On ice

The rosemary comes a bit more to the forefront on ice. Unlike with other gins, I do not get the sweetness boost as much, but rather some more spice and herbal notes. The water from the ice reduces the alcohol a bit giving some other notes a chance to come through.

Perfect serve

The recommendation from the makers is a neutral Tonic like the Schweppes Premium Tonic Original. It actually works quite well and creates a wonderful tasty Gin & Tonic indeed. But if you like it even a bit more tasty you could go for a Three Cents Aegean Tonic.

Summary and GinGinGin rating

The Gin is a good classic juniper forward one. If you are looking for a gin to serve some tasty Gin & Tonic this one is well worth considering. I would come back to it at any time. Personally I think the thyme, which I usually like, was a bit too strong for me. But that is just like a minor tweak from not giving it a full 5. So, I guess the crowds were right: A great product well worth considering.

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