Gold Cap 2020

A beast in a cage

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  • Germany
  • 49 % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Juniper Orange Verbena Melissa

Once a year Ferdinand's Gin cranks out a fine special edition called the Gold Cap. And in 2020 the Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin Goldcap 2020 comes in a packaging which deserves and reinforces this golden aspect in any possible way.


Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar created a wonderful gin which true to the Ferdinand's legacy plays with the Saar region's fine Riesling grapes and wines from the vintage VDP Forstmeister Geitz-Zilliken. A region so tightly connected to wine is not just a thing in general to the brand but also makes for the special aspects of this Goldcap edition.

Only the heart of the distillation and local ingredients

Obviously the heart of the distillation is used as one would expect it from the distillation. After all who wants heads and tails. But I assume that the cut is made with gracious measure. Local produce like a base spirit from self grown grains, local orange verbena, and cretan melissa from the Saar region are only a few to be named.

The mazeration with herbs, fruits, and dried grapes is the starting point of the production, enhanced by vapour infused freshly foraged herbs and spices. The gin is infused with a precise measure of Rausch-Auslese Goldcap 2017 after this . After a generous period where the products are left to rest and marry properly the gin is bottled at a whopping 49% ABV, capable of carrying aromas and flavour to it's maximum.


Some of the botanicals in this edition are:

  • Macedonian Juniper

  • Italian Mountain Juniper

  • Orange Verbena

  • Cretan Melissa

  • plus many more which are not specified


The Goldcap editions can pride themselves on being very fine pieces of art. Although I am more interested in the contents of the bottle, I cannot ignore that these bottles make for great gifts and are impressive on shelves. Well as long as you have enough space ;) You can get an impression of the packaging over at the YouTube channel.


The first impression of this gin is extremely fine. From the juniper aroma to the various herbal aspects this is one to be reviewed in detail in the next days. So far a clear recommendation.

The GinGinGin transparency declaration

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