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Huckleberry Gin

Berry super-charged

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  • Germany
  • % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Juniper Blueberries Angelica root Coriander seeds Ginger roots Cinnamon Lavender Lemon peel Elderberry flowers Hops flowers Peppermint Raspberries
  • Fruity all the way!

"To friendship" is what the huckleberry Gin hollers at you! This gin from Munich is a collaboration of Maximilian Elsholtz and Jens Lauckner, obviously two friends, who created this gin together with a family business distillery.

The design and story makes use of the Huckleberry Finn character to some extent and the label on the bottle fits perfectly to one of those old illustrated Mark Twain book my grandmother had.


In total 22 botanicals are being used among them are:

  • fresh blueberries/huckleberries

  • juniper

  • angelica root

  • coriander seeds

  • ginger roots

  • cinnamon

  • lavender

  • lemon peel

  • elderberry flowers

  • hops flowers

  • peppermint

  • raspberries



This gin makes no secret about it's name when it comes to opening the bottle and pouring the gin: You get a super strong fruity and berry-loaded gin. There are few gins with such an aroma. The first that comes to mind is the Brockman's Gin. A nice alternative for sure if you like the Brockman's. But the berries are not the only thing one gets as a first impression: There is a freshness, hard to tell through the berry scents but it is probably the juniper and maybe the peppermint. Maybe, but my memories about hops are so faint, the hops flowers are there as well. But that is guessing, not really smelling them.


We are talking 44 % ABV and get a rather smooth taste. The blueberry greets us again, but that gets pushed back after a moment to juniper and a bit of spice, But however, the huckleberries are not entirely lost, you keep a hint of them. But despite the feeling of a sweet gin, it's actually not so sweet but the berry flavour gives you the feeling, the gin still brings some warm and deeper, rich taste with it. Some light bits from mint and citrus play along nicely.


Warm and still fruitful as if the berries say, "stop, we do not want to go just yet!" and this sensation is still there for a medium to long time.

On ice

The ice pushes the fruit back a bit. Juniper comes a bit more to the front and gets a boost. The different depths of the taste profile remain similar and both darker and warmer twists dance around the lighter and fresh ones.

Perfect serve

The founders choose a Mediterranean or an Indian Tonic by Fevertree.

Summary and GinGinGin rating

This gin is a nice competitor to the Brockman's, a.k.a. the fruit bomb of gins. The complexity is fairly high and it is a gin with a strong profile combining fresh and warm notes.

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