Veedel Distillers

Linden No. 4 Gin

Floral like a meadow

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  • Germany
  • 43 % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Junipeer Cardamom Coriander seeds Black currant Elderflower blossoms Iris root Rose blossoms Chamomile
  • Wonderful floral aroma

There is a whole story about a pharmacist from London traveling and traveling to eventually arrive in Cologne where the producers Veedel Distillers are based now. But I leave it to their Linden No.4 website to tell this little fairytale. The batches are named after the stops of their ficticious character by the way. Now that won't last much longer. Let's see what they are called next.

More important to me is the thing that this gin is not a typical agency gin product but something born out of a passion for the process of distilling and production. There is knowledge within the team about chemical processes plus obviously the love for gin. Both got combined into this product. Using the knowledge from one profession to fuel and boost another is a great driver I would say. When you talk to the Linden No. 4 guys you get a sense of the passion behind their product. That's more than one could ask for and shows right away in the products.

The 0,5 litre bottle with a 43 % ABV features a very prominent number 4 which drives me crazy having dealt with Latin numbers for years in school and with a watch maker as my grandfather. It's just not right. So, I think of the label as the poster for Jurassic Park 4. That helps me to ignore the weird 4. But then again, this is intentional and hell, yes you can see that bottle in a bar and identify it from a hundred meters away.

Their distillation takes place in a 140l still and as I was told has a 12 metre spiral instead of a column. to collect the distillate. This might be the reason why the taste is so intense. 12 metres is a long stretch and a lot of exposure to the botanicals.


The Linden No.4 features the following botanicals:

  • juniper

  • cardamom

  • coriander

  • black currant

  • elderflower blossom

  • iris root

  • rose blossom

  • chamomile

Tasting the Linden 4 Gin


The Linden No.4 Dry Gin greets you with a voluminous and floral bouquet. Alcohol is not very strong in the nose, rather smooth. The juniper is standing back to let the chamomile and elderflower take to the stage. The mix with rose blossoms makes it a fresh experience, but not too herbal.


When tasted the first sip is rather smooth and alcohol is not strong or biting at all. The juniper is there and mingles with both the other botanicals. The slight spice and cardamom and coriander come forward as well. Still, the floral touch is the main player on the palate. Despite the freshness, do not expect a mint-like freshness, rather a broader high note with a but more warmth.


The aftertaste does not loose the floral notes too much. the cardamom and juniper remain and carry on a bit longer. A medium long aftertaste with some sweetness is pleasantly hanging on for a moment longer than the first intense and complex taste phase.

On ice

On ice the taste changes a bit. The water boosts both the juniper and the floral aspects a bit more. Interesting as the juniper gets pushed back sometimes as well when adding ice to the spirit. However, on ice is a more than valid option to enjoy the Linden Nr. 4 as well.

Summary and GinGinGin rating of the Linden No.4 Dry Gin

When looking for a floral and fresh gin, something smooth but at the same time not a sweet, pink or berry gin, this might be just right for you. You get classic gin taste with a fresh layer of floral touches on top. And not just a bit, but quite noticeable. For the person wanting to start into more than the super classic or mainstream brands this is one of the gins I would recommend. Give it a try!

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