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Sturmflut Distilled Gin

Coastal somehow

two starswritten and rated by
  • Germany
  • 43 % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Tangerine Honey Malt Black tea Cinnamon Licorice Cumin Star Anise
  • Distinct but simple

This gin is one a few discounter gins we bought to compare them to all those other brands and variants out there in the chase for a bargain gin. The German Gin brings us 43 % ABV and is declared as a Distilled Gin.


As the name Sturmflut (German for storm flood) suggests this is a gin with a story and connection to the sea. Cumin, liquorice, and tea are very typical for the Frisian cuisine an local liquors.
The complete list of botanicals:

  • star anise

  • cumin

  • licorice

  • cinnamon

  • tea

  • malt

  • honey

  • tangerine


So what is the Sturmflut Gin like?


A spicy nose, with juniper and some mild alcohol "burn". There is a slight hint of cumin when you focus a bit more.


Kicking of with spice and juniper but this is immediately followed by cumin and liquorice. A slight hint of the tea is noticeable I would say and they all work at pretty much the same strength.


The aftertaste is medium long and a bit warm, but more sweet than warm. The intensity fades away fairly quickly. The first cumin and liquorice flavour is not a very lasting one and does not really survive the aftertaste until the end.

On ice

The initial spice does actually survive the cooling and slight dilution of the gin. The cumin and sweetness from the aftertaste get boosted by the ice, not uncommon. The liquorice and cinnamon do their job as sweeteners I would say.

Summary and GinGinGin rating

I am not too fond of the cumin and it reminds me too much of an aquavit which I did not like. But I can see why people do like this gin. On the LIDL website the gin gets a 4.3/5 by customers. At just below 8 Euros per 0,5 litres this gin might be a catch for those who like this taste combo.