Turicum Distillery

Turicum Dry Gin

Alpine spirit, literally

four starswritten and rated by
  • Switzerland
  • 41.5 % ABV
  • 500 ml
  • Juniper Coriander seeds Pine tips Angelica root Voatsiperifery pepper Orange blossoms Licorice Rosehip Lemon peel Orange peel
  • Intense and crisp

The Turicum Dry Gin from Switzerland, Zurich to be precise, was sent to GinGinGin for a review. And having spent a bit over three months in Zurich in what feels decades ago I like the bottle's design as it somehow resembles what I find to pair with Zurich.

Back in 2013 Philip Angst, Merlin Kofler, Oscar Martin, and Oliver Honegger, inspired by visiting English gin distilleries, got together to start the adventure to bring a spirit to the market catering to the local taste and representing Zurich at the same time. After around two years the product vision became a reality which we will taste today.


Some of the botanicals are from Zurich, some even from their own garden. That is "local" taken to heart and not just a label. The almost complete list:

  • linden blossoms

  • blue juniper

  • coriander seeds

  • handpicked pine tips from Zurich

  • angelica root

  • Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar

  • orange blossoms

  • licorice

  • rosehip

  • fresh lemon zest

  • fresh orange zest

  • a secret ingredient



The nose is amazing: A fresh, but yet full body comes from the tasting glass. Some juniper, but fruitful at the same time. it reminds me of pear to some extent as well. A hint of alpine herbs not as strong as in the Kapriol Dry Gin. Coriander is at the ready as well.


What was hinted at when smelling the gin is fullfilled when sipping it neat. Again the coriander and juniper are there but they are accompanied by the freshness and some sweetness. A hint of bitterness finishes of the taste sensation and fades into a slightly spicy sensation.


After having tasted this gin and travelled through the taste queue a light aftertaste is left with some juniper and cardamom, but in general the aftertaste is rather short, maybe medium in length. Not too sweet, more on the light than on the earthy side.

On ice

Interestingly enough the orange zests come out a bit more on ice. The spice is entirely taken off the profile until the aftertaste kicks in. There is that hint of bitterness as well, a bit more present than tasted neat. Not a bad bitterness, it just makes the tasting more interesting.

Perfect serve

We will get into this trial and error experience soon as well. The post will be updated and you'll be able to find out about it here or anywhere else where GinGinGin can be tuned into :)

Summary and GinGinGin rating

The Turicum Dry Gin gets my thumbs up. A gin that bring an interesting profile and is a bit different from the typical classic gin. The full body and short aftertaste sensation were a surprise and probably a longer aftertaste might overload this gin as a matter of fact. If you are looking for another variety on your gin shelf this one might be a great addition.

The GinGinGin transparency declaration

This gin was a free sample by the producer in order for us to review the bottle. There are and were no obligations nor any edits of this content by the producers. Products tasted and reviewed by GinGinGin are all equally treated, paid for or free samples. If we like gins we buy them afterwards as well. If we do not like them you will read about it as well. When people ask if we would like to review a bottle, it is the first thing we mention to them that this does not guarantee a positive review. Get in touch to know more about reviews of gins.